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Where the Integration of Fitness, Sports Therapy, Wellness, & Performance Apparel converge


What We Offer

Sports therapy - Freedom From Pain Clinic

Drawing upon more than 22 years of clinical expertise, Dan Carter, a former International Athlete, possesses a wealth of skills and qualifications essential for the proficient treatment of individuals grappling with muscular and skeletal pain as well as sports-related injuries. Beyond his proficiency as a certified Sports Therapist, Dan holds accreditation as a Sports Masseur, Personal Trainer, Acupuncturist, and Pilates Instructor. Operating a thriving private practice spanning the Saffron Walden and Bishops Stortford regions, he boasts an illustrious track record of collaboration with prominent UK and international athletes, as well as renowned performance centers, including PACE and The UK High Performance Endurance Center.

Personal Training

With more than two decades of experience in Elite Sport and the Fitness Industry, Liz Carter, a former Dual International Athlete, possesses a wealth of skills and expertise to guide clients towards their fitness, nutrition, and training aspirations. Her proficiency extends to diverse areas, including weight management, strength enhancement, and preparation for sporting events or fitness assessments. Holding a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification and maintaining membership with REP (the Register of Exercise Professionals), Liz conducts her personalized training sessions at the  Norse Fitness & Rehab Center, strategically located between the picturesque villages of Clavering and Berden.

Boot Camps

Norse Wear

Join our Norse Boot Camps and embark on a transformative fitness adventure! Whether you're looking to shed some pounds, build strength, or boost your overall fitness, Liz can guide you every step of the way. Plus, our Boot Camp fosters camaraderie, so you'll have a blast while getting fit. Enroll in one of our Boot Camps today and unlock your full Norse potential!

If you are looking for a something a little bit different and like the idea of physically challenging yourself outside in a group setting, Why not try a Norse Boot Camp? For the past 5 Years, Liz has been running  both live and Virtual Boot Camps. Session are for 30 (virtual) or 60 (live) minutes in duration and focus on cardio, strength and agility. All levels of ability welcome.

Welcome to Norse Wear, where athletic prowess meets the strength of Norse gods. Crafted by athletes for athletes, our clothing brand is a tribute to the power and determination that define both ancient legends and modern sports. Embrace the spirit of Thor, Odin, and Freyja as you conquer new heights with our high-performance gear. From the battlefield to the gym, Norse Wear equips you with the tools to channel your inner warrior and achieve greatness. Join us on a journey that fuses the legacy of the gods with the relentless drive of athletes, and let your strength be legendary.

"I can't recommend Dan at the Norse Foundation highly enough. Dan diagnosed my up-slip, something that had bothered me for years. It was fixed within 6 sessions. I have also taken my daughter to see Dan when she fell off her bike. The work that Dan completed with Alice has not only improved the damage from the fall but also her posture."

A Fitzpatrick

"I have been having PT sessions and doing Liz's Boot Camps for a couple of months, I always look forward to the sessions which are fun and varied, with options to work to individuals fitness levels. She is a highly motivational trainer, and I have noticed a fantastic change in both my shape and fitness levels, I would highly recommend Norse Foundation."

F Cowler

"After having 2 children and never enjoying exercise in my life (so never done any!) I decided that Boot Camp with Liz was worth a shot. I have now completed over 20 sessions and am loving it! A fun yet physical session and outside in all weather's! I have noticed a massive difference in my energy levels, body tone and can highly recommend it to anyone."

J Van Rooijen

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Experience the Thrill: Dive into the World of Norse Foundation

In 2015, the Norse Foundation was formed under the leadership of former international athletes and the husband-and-wife duo, Dan and Liz Carter. With an commitment to redefining the health, fitness, and well-being experience, the Norse Foundation seamlessly integrates their combined expertise in Personal Training, Boot Camps, Sports Therapy, and Sports Massage.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Norse Fitness & Rehab Center was born, featuring a bespoke indoor and outdoor gym alongside a dedicated treatment room. Nestled in the charming village of Clavering, our center serves as a vibrant hub for residents of Buntingford, Saffron Walden, and Bishops Stortford, promising an unmatched fitness and wellness journey.

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